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                Cogiscan與Juki為VIP-VIRANT Group提供TTC解決方案
                來源: emasia-china.com作者: Kenny Fu時間:2019-11-27 13:59:40點擊:10025

                Cogiscan Inc.,the leading Track, Trace and Control (TTC) solutions provider for the electronics manufacturing industry,together with Juki,has provided VIP-VIRANT Group with a complete TTC solution for its new assembly line.

                VIP-VIRANT Grouprsquo;s new fully integrated assembly line consists of JUKI loaders, transport systems and linked repairing stations. The JUKI GL printer together with the JUKI SPI/AOI system RV-1, a nitrogen reflow oven and two JUKI mounters also are included. The new line is complemented by a continuous traceability and quality management system from Cogiscan.

                With Cogiscanrsquo;s TTC solutions, VIP-VIRANT Group has achieved complete traceability, from the laser marker up to the finished product. This includes traceability of the component lots, consumables and tooling used for each PCB serial number as well as PCB ID tracking and component quantity tracking. 

                VIP-VIRANT Group now has complete process control, including setup and program validation, and harvesting of process parameters on its screen printer and reflow oven as well as inspection results from its SPI and AOI machines.TTC has helped VIP-VIRANT Group gain an edge on the competition. As a result, VIP-VIRANT Group has won the 2013international call for tenders for the Volkswagen group.

                For the past 15 years Cogiscan has been widely recognized as the industry-leading expert in TTC solutions for PCBA. During this time, the scope and depth of the Cogiscan application modules have grown to the point where Cogiscan now offers a TTC solution for the complete assembly of electronic products, including box build. For more information

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