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                Assembléon 將在Semicon Taiwan?展示先進的包裝解決方案
                來源: emasia-china.com作者: Kenny Fu時間:2019-11-27 13:57:04點擊:574

                After a successful Semicon West in San Francisco this July, the next show Assembl&eacute;on will present its 7 micron Hybrid solution is at the Semicon Taiwan show from September 3 &ndash; 5. Assembleon will be located at the Holland High Tech Pavilion, booth #1029, at the TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taipei.

                The existence of PCB assembly machines in the Semiconductor Backend market is still not very common or rather unusual as it is considered a different league. Assembl&eacute;on&rsquo;s presence at the Semicon Taiwan exhibition shows that the Hybrid systems have a unique proposition in the Packaging and Assembly market as it is the only system incorporating a single/pick single/place concept capable of combining fast and accurate placement of passive and discrete SMT components and at the same time Flip Chip and/or Die on the same platform.

                The advantage of a Placement Head that carries only one component at a time is that, at full speed, the process can be fully optimized, monitored and controlled during the complete pick, dip and place cycle. The unique incorporated low-force closed-loop placement process takes care that even for the thinnest and most fragile devices no impact forces are applied during placement to guarantee the highest quality with very high production yields. The controllable placement Z-axis can adapt its placement height search algorithms for different heights, optimizing its placement force and process for 2.5D mounting, Package on Package or Embedded Passive and Active Devices applications.

                Besides the placement quality, the Hybrid brings the traditional ingredients of the PCB assembly market, such as wide range of application diversity, very high UPH, accuracy, efficiency and cost control, along into the Advanced Packaging and Embedded Component Packaging markets.The unique Hybrid, a cross-over platform between the PCBA market, WLP, SIP and ECP markets,  combine high speed passive placements (up to 121,000 passives per hour) with high speed flip chip placement (up to 27,000 flip chips per hour) with flip chip accuracies at 7 microns at any placement location and angle on a substrate.

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